Frequenty Asked Questions

Are purchase order/invoices sufficient evidence to claim my rights from the debtor?
Yes, it is sufficient to open a legal case against the debtor to be confronted with the necessity of payment closure.
How much time does it take to retrieve my money from the debtor?
Upon signing the document with us, we work from that moment with no time limit until the last dirham has been redeemed.
Is it possible to schedule the debt owed by others?
Yes, it is possible to prove the goodwill of the creditor to the circumstances that fit our client.
Is it possible to clear my debts I owe others?
With our help, yes you can as long you have goodwill. Nothing is impossible.
Can I reclaim my money from who fled the country?
Yes you can as long as you know their place of residence, exact living address and copies of their official documents.
I do not know the premises of the debtor. Can you find out where they are?
Yes, it is possible. We have our own methodology in finding out where they are and where they work as long as they are inside the country.
Can I terminate the contractual relationship with my debtor due to them ignoring payment of financial dues?
We strongly advice not to terminate any communication channels. In order to receive updated information about them and their place of work, this would help our job.